Officevibe integration with Yammer

Officevibe and Yammer are perfect for each other

Faster onboarding

Logging in takes less than 10 seconds. Invite anyone from your Yammer network simply by typing their name, no email required.

Work within Yammer

You’ll receive notifications within Yammer so you can stay updated without leaving your workflow.

Create a strong culture

You’re using Yammer to increase transparency and collaboration. Maintain that culture by monitoring it in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yammer Integration FAQ

What data do you collect?

The only things we collect are email, profile picture, full name, and job title.

Why should I use the Yammer integration?

It makes onboarding and rolling out Officevibe much easier and maintains security for you.

What experience do you have with Yammer?

We’re Microsoft Gold partners and we’ve had the 2 most successful apps ever on their app store.