Collect Employee Feedback Like Never Before.

Quicker Feedback Cycle

Using the communication power of Slack, we’ll create a faster feedback cycle between managers and employees.

Notifications Directly in Slack

System notifications and reports will come to managers in a private Slack channel to make sure they’re always up to date.

Survey Questions In Slack

Survey questions will come to employees directly in Slack, making it even easier for them to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Slack Integration FAQ

Why should I use the Slack integration?

Slack creates a faster feedback cycle and much more communication which are key tenets of creating a strong company culture.

Is it really anonymous in Slack?

Yes! Because all communication with the Slackbot is done in a private message, everything is truly anonymous for your employees.

How do I add this to my Slack network?

Whoever is the administrator of your Slack account can add Leo in a couple of seconds.