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Officevibe integrates seamlessly into your workflow so you can take the pulse of your team and gather their feedback, no matter the software you use.

Connect with Microsoft Teams

Improve your flow of work by getting your Officevibe notifications directly in MS Teams. Team members will receive their Pulse Survey and Feedback directly in MS Teams, boosting participation and saving time. Simply sign up for Officevibe, and select the Teams integration.

Collect employee feedback with Slack

Our Slack bot integration lets your people answer surveys - and managers collect feedback - without ever leaving the tool.

The power of Office 365 and Officevibe

Use your existing O365 credentials to connect with Officevibe and sync all of your current users with Officevibe groups in seconds.

Deploy Officevibe faster with Google

Sync your groups instantly. Transfer your employees’ information and hit the ground running with seamless onboarding, no extra sign-in credentials required.

One-time sign-in, permanent access

Enable single sign-on to get updates directly within the tool of your choice. Onboard entire teams in seconds, and keep an eye on Officevibe without ever disrupting your flow of work.

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