Officevibe is used in more than 90 countries across the world. Our customers range from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

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We surveyed our customers to find out what effect Officevibe was having on their workplace. The results speak for themselves.

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Tons of happy customers

The designs are beautiful and the user experience is fantastic. I love the custom illustrations for each question. It's easy and fun to use, which makes employees more likely to actually fill it out.

Caroline Woods

Caroline Woods

Business Operations Manager

We have received positive feedback from our employees thus far and are excited to continue to see how Officevibe can help us understand where we can strengthen our workplace.

Lucas Brock

Lucas Brock

Corporate Strategy Manager

We found that our trial was extremely successful and already provided us with very useful feedback so we wanted to continue that trend into the future.

Katie Allen

Katie Allen

Project Coordinator

The truth is the more people I show this to, the more confirmations I get about how useful this tool is to gauge employee engagement and, more importantly, be a conduit to understanding and influencing cultural change within the organization

Sanjeev Saha

Sanjeev Saha

Director of Software Engineering

We liked the way that staff felt comfortable using it. They trusted the anonymous aspect of the program, and with the ability to still reply to such feedback, it gave management the option to comment and create a dialogue.

Erin Wilson

Erin Wilson

HR Manager

The information we see from Officevibe from Slack is really eye-opening for us. It will help us make decisions to better our employee environment here at work.

Chris Young

Chris Young

Project Manager

Customer satisfaction statistics

Why you'll love Officevibe

Officevibe, the leading employee satisfaction platform, is used by thousands of great organizations in more than 100 countries. We asked a random sample of 1,800 Officevibe administrators to share their experiences and thoughts on the platform. Here's what they had to say...


of organizations implemented improvements based on feedback they received from officevibe.


found that Officevibe helps gather useful feedback from their employees.


of managers are likely to recommend officevibe to a friend.


think Officevibe helps increase retention of their employees.


managers believe Officevibe gives a voice to their employees.


the industry average survey response rate.


of managers think Officevibe is easy to use on an ongoing basis.


When it comes to Net Promoter Score, being above 30 is considered a good score. 50 is deemed excellent.

Use cases for any business

No matter your situation, Officevibe can help

Organizational change

Change is hard for everyone. Officevibe can help make sure your organizational change goes smoothly by monitoring the change in real-time.

Fast growing companies

Keep the morale high while your business grows. Officevibe can help you keep a frequent pulse on your employees as the culture evolves.

Distributed companies

Having constant communication in a distributed team is tough. Officevibe can help ensure everyone stays connected and has a voice.