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Continuous performance cycles

Make ongoing performance development your north star. Equip managers with a playbook for frequent feedback and coaching, driving consistency — and success — across your organization.​

Automate timely feedback & alignment

Continuous made easy

Bridge the gap between reviews. Set a plan from the get-go to establish performance and development as an ongoing practice.

A performance roadmap

Give managers and employees the clear guidance and tools they need to bring your performance culture alive in their day-to-day.

Better reviews

Come review time, everyone is at ease and aligned. Managers and employees are used to talking about performance thanks to their regular checkpoints.

Design your performance management cycle

Performance cycles

Create performance cycles in sync with the flow of your business. Schedule events to support continuous alignment and feedback with our easy-to-use cycle builder.

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Make performance
a habit that’s easy
to keep

Improve performance proactively with lightweight checkpoints. Your central location to discuss and capture goal progress and give performance updates all year round.

Watch your performance culture come to life

Cycle reporting

Cycle reporting gives a real-time view of reviews & checkpoints completed. We’ll take care of the nudges and reminders to reduce admin time and increase participation.

Stop just reporting performance. Drive it with Officevibe.