Officevibe’s 2018 year in review

Written by: Janice LaGiorgia | Illustrated by: Simon Lavallée-Fortier
Updated on: Published on: December 19, 2018 |  Reading time: 6m

2018 was the year that France took over the FIFA World Cup and that a certain Ms. Markle married into the British royal family. It was also the year that the Officevibe team fully committed itself to building 360-degree experiences that support managers’ interactions with their teams.

From Custom Polls’ flexibility to the Question Report’s rich insights, the Improve section’s curated content to Industry Benchmarks’ astuteness – 2018 brought fresh experiences informed by over 95 in-depth user interviews.

TL;DR: You asked, we delivered.

Let’s have a look at a few game-changers to your Officevibe experience in 2018.

What teams did on Officevibe

In 2018, over 37,000 managers worked with 70,000 teams on Officevibe.

Managers proactively created over 43,700 Custom Polls during the past 12 months, no less.

3.4M feedback (and replies!) were exchanged between managers and their teams on Officevibe. That’s over 2.6M conversations that may not have happened otherwise.

13.7M questions were answered in 2018. This corresponds to 2.4M Surveys completed in one year alone. Psst! If an average Survey takes 3min to complete, this means people spent 137,000 hours sharing their opinions with their managers (now that’s a lot of Netflix binge-watching sessions).

How we powered teams


Performance benchmarks? Yes, please.

With the arrival of Industry Benchmarks, managers were given powerful data about their organization’s performance in relation to others within their industry – based on Officevibe’s 10 Key Metrics of Employee Engagement.

Given an increasing concern for employee engagement across all organizations, we also made it possible for managers to compare themselves to all industries.

Industry Benchmarks help organizations identify where they excel and what they have in common with others within their industry, so they may restore competitive advantage.

One can even say that we built Industry Benchmarks to spur cultures of continuous improvement. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to improve and stay on top?

Increasing Officevibe’s accessibility through languages


In our quest to empower teams around the world, we made Officevibe even more accessible by adding Spanish, Portuguese and German to the employee-facing experience.

Allowing teams to answer questions in the language in which they feel the most comfortable is crucial. For one, it creates a space where everyone can voice what matters most to them. Second, it fosters a sense of belonging that has the potential to carry over into offline engagement.

After all, if there’s one thing we especially care about at Officevibe, it’s diversity and inclusion.

The ultimate DIY for leaders: Custom polls

We said it once, we’ll say it again: It takes the right tools for managers to take their teams to the next level, whether they’re pinpointing areas of improvement or celebrating victories.

With their user-friendly and made-to-measure nature, Custom Polls quickly became a fan favourite among managers using Officevibe. The best thing? Custom Polls help identify concrete solutions for improvement.

A few months later, we enhanced the Custom Poll experience by introducing science-backed Poll templates based on topics that matter most in the modern workplace.

With their pre-made structure that may be adapted to fit various needs, Poll templates are the perfect tool for exploring issues with your team and paving the way to rich conversations.

Follow-up questions that have your back


2018 was the year that we put in many efforts to promote rich conversations in the app (and it’s only the beginning!). In that spirit, our follow-up questions were entirely revised and are now tied to specific questions, making them highly contextual.

As a result, team members are now prompted with questions that enable them to elaborate on their response and express the contextual details that matter most to them. In turn, this provides managers with more insightful feedback that makes it easier for them to engage in rich discussions with their teams.

Bringing it all together with our improve section

To support managers as they cycle through the loop of Employee Engagement, we went back to the drawing board and gave our Improve section a well-deserved makeover. The goal? Empower managers with researched content, activities and ideas that help them improve their teams and build on existing strengths.

Of course, the revised Improve section continues to share curated content based on managers’ three lowest Metrics in their Engagement Report. Yet, it now also stresses the importance of combining actionable ideas and educational content to build resilient teams and to improve one’s leadership skills. Neat, right?

Meaningful additions to the question report

In 2017 we introduced the Question Report, which outlined the results for the most actionable questions by Sub-metric.

In 2018, we took this a step further by exposing the results for all questions. In doing so, managers now have full visibility into the health of their teams so that they may stay on top of things.

This means that managers are now empowered with the information they need to identify what’s going well and what’s not going too well, and to identify any underlying patterns that may be lingering within their teams.

While we’re big fans of visibility, we decided to go the extra mile by adding reliability indices to the Question Report later on in the year. It was important to us that managers anchor their analyses and decision-making in data they can trust.

What our clients had to say


As a big proponent of leaderful teams, Officevibe has helped me and the team incorporate an ownership culture where our people define their course of actions and growth. The tool is smart and allows teams to recognize each other, identify purposeful work and see how their work connects with their individual purpose.

Hayden Smith; Transformation Leader @ Siemens

The Industry Benchmarking report makes it easy for Xero to see how we’re tracking against other organisations within the IT Industry using Officevibe. The key insights we gain from benchmarking our metrics against other organisations helps us to further our employee experience by determining improvements that are needed.

Grace Living; People Projects & System Advisor @ Xero

Custom Polls have greatly helped the team and I dig deeper into our lowest scores. They’re quick, easy-to-use and have been a great springboard for further discussions. For example, ‘Wellness’ was once a low score for us so we dug deeper and realized that no one had the same definition for ‘Wellness’ to start off with! At the end of the day, we’ve seen positive results by combining different features and using them in sequence. Great tool!

Jony Kelly; Enterprise Excellence Manager @ Analog Devices

Officevibe has been crucial in helping us build a strong work culture and phenomenal environment for our people. Employees drive change by being able to voice their opinion and thoughts on the platform, and as a manager, all you need to do is collect data and listen, listen, listen. From there, the simple and insightful reports generated by Officevibe are super helpful to understand your team, and quickly take action.

Spencer Dormer; Co-Founder, Innovation & Development Leader @ Dynamics G-Ex

Officevibe on the ground


The Officevibe team took part in 13 events during the past year, where they connected with awesome people like you.

In fact, it’s no secret that we loved meeting you and sharing the Officevibe experience.


We look forward to shipping fresh and meaningful experiences in 2019. Until then, from our team to yours, have a safe & enjoyable holiday season!