Product update: step into spring with the finest features

Written by: the Officevibe Content Team
Updated on: Published on: March 27, 2018 |  Reading time: 5m

What’s new in Officevibe in March: 

  • 🍾 ¿Hablas español? Officevibe’s employee-facing experience is now available in Spanish  
  • 👤 Admins rejoice! We’ve made it easier and more secure for you to manage your Single Sign-on and provisioning through decentralized integrations 
  • 🎉 We launched Custom Polls last month, but exactly how are we preserving employee anonymity for these? We outline the nitty gritty for you below. 
  • 🙌 With a swish of our wands, we’ve made it possible for managers to export their  Custom Poll results and obtain insight at all times. 

Spring is here, and what better way to celebrate than by sharing fresh features that will  brighten up your 9 to 5? 

Last month we launched Custom Polls, a  powerful tool for determining the effectiveness of company initiatives as well as digging deeper into key Metrics.

Since then, our team has been developing other meaningful features behind the scenes – and while these game-changers still need some time to bloom, we’ve got an exciting roster of product enhancements to share with you already. 

Officevibe in spanish for employees

In our quest to empower leaders and their teams around the world to become better leaders, it dawned on us that the Officevibe experience needed to speak to everyone.  

For this reason, we translated our entire employee-facing experience, including our Survey questions, into Spanish. 

What’s more, after collecting your feedback, you can expect to see more languages appear on Officevibe as of the next few months.  

First stop: Spanish. 

Officevibe in Spanish for employees

Employee Engagement begins on Officevibe with our science-backed Surveys, and by providing a space where employees may voice what matters to them. 

With the arrival of Spanish, we’re making Officevibe even more accessible by enabling everyone to answer Survey questions in the language in which they feel the most comfortable. In turn, we hope to foster a sense of belonging online that  translates to offline engagement.  

The big decentralization of integrations

Decentra… what? Simply stated, we made the integrations process easier not only for account administrators, but also for any user logging in to the Officevibe platform. 

In a not-so-distant past, configuring user provisioning for any given integration also configured its Single Sign-on (SSO) by default. In other words, configurations were dependent upon each other and offered little flexibility.  

After doing some serious untangling behind the scenes, user provisioning and SSO can now be configured independently from one another, and therefore admin users may choose to block or allow the use of certain SSOs as they see fit for their organization.  

But wait a minute – SSO you ask? It’s an identification system that allows users to access many applications using only one set of login credentials. With SSO, a user is authenticated once and is subsequently recognized by the Officevibe platform. This provides ease of navigation and relieves the headaches of logging in multiple times with many login credentials. 

Take a peek at the new and improved interface below:

Officevibe user provisioning integrations management
Officevibe SSO integrations management

Taken together, the decentralization of integrations allows admin users to independently manage their user provisioning, SSO, survey delivery and feedback notifications. What’s more, integrations may now be reconfigured directly within the app 

Let’s be real. This is important because administrators now have full control and autonomy over the configuration of their preferred SSO, which provides better monitoring of their users and increases in-app security. 

Protecting anonymity with Custom Polls

It’s no secret that we take employee anonymity very seriously at Officevibe, and our goal is to create a space where everyone feels comfortable to voice their opinion. 

Officevibe custom poll report anonymous feedback

For this reason, we extended our current anonymity rules to offer the most consistent experience – which will impact all Custom Polls moving forward.

Specifically, anonymous employee feedback for a Custom Poll will only visible to managers if the Custom Poll’s target audience is composed of 5 or more users at the time that anonymous feedback is shared by an individual. 

Target audiences are composed of both potential respondents (individuals in your group that will answer your Poll) and actual respondents (individuals who provided an answer and may or may not be in your group anymore). Your target audience may therefore exceed the number of individuals in your actual audience given that it considers both current and previous audiences.  

Further, any anonymous feedback shared by an employee when the target audience contains fewer than 5 users will be made visible once the target audience reaches 5 users.

It’s important to note as well that anonymous feedback that has already been viewed by a manager will remain exposed if the group drops below 5 users.  

Data exports for Custom Polls

Say what?! By popular demand, we’re bringing back exports for Custom Polls. This time, in a handy Excel format.  

Exports are your best friend because they allow you to: 

  • Present Officevibe results to key decision-makers outside the app.
  • Share knowledge with your team (and other teams in your company!) for learning and improvement purposes.
  • Dig deeper into your data and conduct analyses specific to your team goals. 

And we’re not done yet.  

Keep your eyes peeled as we’re already working on an improved version of this current  export feature… and it involves a little thing called PDFs.  

That’s a wrap! But before you go, we’re curious – have you tried our Custom Polls yet?  

As always, if you have any feedback or questions about the current product update, we’d love to hear from you at!