May 10, 2018

Product Update: April Showers Bring May Flowers

Product Update Officevibe

They say that April showers bring May flowers, and boy is this true.

Since we last checked in, our Product team has been busy working on exciting things behind the scenes at Officevibe – and we’re thrilled to begin sharing some of these product enhancements with you.

Ready? Let’s dig in!

What’s new on Officevibe in May:

Coming Soon: Industry Benchmarks

Industry Benchmarks will, among other things, equip managers with the data they need to compare themselves to other organizations in their industry. This knowledge will allow for smart comparisons and ongoing growth opportunities for managers and their teams.

Are you a Network Administrator? In order to get your organization ready for this experience in Officevibe, we highly recommend that you set your Industry under the appropriate field in your Company Settings. Not sure where this is? Here’s where you can do so:


We’ll be sharing more information shortly. Keep your eyes peeled!

Reliability Rates In the Question Report?! Yes, Please.

Once upon a time we introduced the Question Report, which made it possible for managers to better understand their Metrics, as well as dig deeper into their results.

Since then, this powerful Report has empowered countless managers with valuable insight that allows them to pinpoint their team’s strengths, and to identify opportunities for improvement – right at their fingertips.

That said, we’ll be honest. The Question Report’s first iteration somewhat emphasized missing employee data, in a way that made it difficult for managers to interpret their results.

So we asked ourselves – how could we make the Question Report’s actionability even better? Truth be told, visibility into results is important. Yet, how can managers be sure that their results are reliable and that the decisions they take are rooted in solid data?

It’s no secret that we love enhancing our experiences, so we decided to take this Report one step further and ensure its place on the Officevibe throne.

The result? We made reliability rates an integral part of the Question Report.


Meant to empower managers with trustworthy data, reliability rates also offer a more holistic portrait of the direction of a team’s scores.

As a result, managers will now be able to quickly identify trends and determine which ones require closer attention. In turn, reliability rates will pave the way for better decision-making and meaningful organizational change.

Importantly, with this iteration we decided to remove old data and to focus on a 6-month timeframe. This timeframe provides managers with the best and most reliable snapshot of their results over a longer period of time, while remaining focused.

The change doesn’t end here.

Officevibe’s Question Report will be receiving even more love in the coming weeks. With our next iteration, managers will be able to view the results for all Survey questions in Officevibe. You heard right!

Exposing the results for all Survey questions will empower managers with even more insight into the health of their teams. This will also allow them to uncover the specifics as to how their Metrics and Sub-metrics are performing.

Ahh Custom Polls! Since their launch, we’ve been thrilled to hear about our community’s experience with them. From digging deeper into opportunities and issues, to building on existing team strengths, Custom Polls have been well-received by managers using Officevibe.

After all, what’s not to love about their user-friendly and made-to-measure nature?

That said, we soon realized that there was a slight pitfall to Custom Polls. Although managers were understanding the tool and using it effectively, our user research identified that they needed additional tools to master the experience even more.

Whether it’s uncertainty regarding how to build questionnaires, or identifying the questions that will allow them to get to the crux of the matter – we get it, and we decided to help managers figure it out. And as a first step, we created the Poll Gallery.

In the words of our Culture & Engagement Expert, Julie Jeannotte, here at Officevibe:

“We wanted to build a tool that would inspire managers to create questions that are customized for their teams. Through speaking with managers in our community, we identified subjects that were most important to them – and we based our first iteration of Poll Gallery on these core themes.”


Simply stated, the Poll Gallery includes three broad Poll templates based on topics that have been recognized as most relevant for managers of the modern workplace:

  • Employee Experience: Identify what makes employees stay and what might tempt them to leave.
  • Personal Growth: Deeper look into the Personal Growth Metric, to obtain powerful insights on what matters most to employees.
  • Impacts of a Change: Quick follow-up on a recent change/process/event, in order to evaluate and adapt.


Each featuring a sample of questions, Poll templates are meant to be completely editable and customizable according to managers’ needs. After all, they’re meant to help managers structure their ideas and questions based on their needs and the information they’re looking to obtain.

As Julie states:

“The goal of customized questions is to understand issues and opportunities from a different angle. In turn, these have the potential to generate rich exchanges between managers and their teams in a way that deepens connections and builds trust between both parties.”

Ultimately, whether the pre-built questions are swapped, edited, or removed, it’s always important to remember that asking too many questions could deter participation. And of course, the Poll Gallery is meant to be everyone’s blank canvas of inspiration!

Active & Inactive Users Merge As One

Preserving employee anonymity is key. It therefore comes as no surprise that employee anonymity permeates the app – appearing in even the smallest of places in Officevibe.

Enter the User Management section.

Previously, Active and Inactive users appeared separately in the app. While this appeared to be useful, it also personally identified and segregated Active from Inactive users.

In order to better preserve anonymity, we decided to merge Active and Inactive user statuses into one category: In-app users.

Ultimately, we believe that managers should be able to quickly view their group’s composition, and how many of their users are Inactive (provided that their group includes 5 or more users) – but not necessarily who is Inactive, as this could compromise user anonymity.


That’s not to say that Inactive users cannot be reached out to. With this update, and moving forward, Administrators will continue to have full visibility as to who their Active and Inactive users are. Therefore, they’ll retain their permissions to send reminder emails to Inactive users on behalf of anyone in their organization.

Within the next month we’ll also be allowing Group Managers to send reminder emails to Inactive users. Be on the lookout!

Have any burning feedback or questions regarding what you just read? We’d love to hear from you at!

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