November 3, 2017

Product Update: Question Report, eNPS and Custom Polls

Product Update Officevibe

What’s new on Officevibe:

  • 🎉  Drumroll, please! This week we launched the Question Report – a way for managers to view select questions and their results for each of the 26 Sub-metrics of Engagement
  • 📊  Adjustments were made to improve the accuracy of employee Net Promoter Scores (eNPS)
  • 👀  Something exciting is brewing at Officevibe and will be a real game-changer next month: Custom Polls!

Question Report

Powerful Reports are key to identifying trends in your organization and taking action, which is why we came up with the Question Report.

Better yet – the release of this brand-new Report marks the first time in Officevibe history that managers will be able to view specific questions and therefore better pinpoint current team strengths and areas of improvement. Pretty neat, right?

In other words, the Question Report details the results for the most actionable questions by Sub-metric.

Results are updated as soon as new data comes rolling in. That way, the evolution of data can be monitored from one day to the next. And more importantly – real-time updates increase the reliability of scores.

In the example below, the Metric for Personal Growth lists its 3 sub-metrics – Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose – along with a specific question for each. Results are color-coded on the right and the color bars fill up as more results come in.

Providing deeper insight into each Sub-metric allows the Question Report to improve the actionability of results – yet another way to increase Employee Engagement levels!

Adjustments to the eNPS

Acclaimed by many, the eNPS allows managers to measure ambassadorship and is therefore an important indicator of Employee Engagement.

Due to its importance, and because precise data is paramount when it comes to decision-making, we tweaked the frequency of the eNPS question.

From now on, we’re asking the eNPS question to both active and inactive employees every three months, or four times a year, to provide managers with the most up-to-date scores.

Further, an employee’s last response – from the moment they first joined a group – is considered in the eNPS. That is, we eliminated time-frame barriers and we are now keeping the last data point even if it lies beyond the past 30 days.

Given this change, all members of a group are now represented in the eNPS calculation. Therefore, to better preserve anonymity we now only show the percentage of employees who answered each question — as opposed to the absolute number.

Ultimately, increasing the frequency of the eNPS question provides stability in relation to the normal fluctuation of scores amidst changing contexts in the workplace. In turn, this means greater confidence in scores.

Custom Polls

Being big fans of the made-to-measure nature of Polls, we decided to push the idea further. And boy, are we ever thrilled to announce the big changes ahead!

Currently, managers can only create one question per poll, which gets sent out with the weekly Survey.

Very soon, managers will be able to create custom polls that:

  • Can be sent at any time, irrespective of the weekly Survey
  • Include the ability to filter poll results by group
  • Place no limits on the number of questions that can be asked

Indulge your curiosity and have a peek below… we’ll be announcing the launch of Custom Polls next month!

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