Officevibe product update: here’s what’s new from November

Written by: the Officevibe Content Team
Published on November 24, 2016 |  Reading time: 2m

The most important thing for us at Officevibe is to empower managers.

We want managers to have everything they need to create better teams and a happier workplace.

Part of that, is making sure that we help managers collect employee feedback, and then act on it, in the easiest way possible.

Collecting feedback, in a team of more than 20 people, can easily and quickly become overwhelming.

You need a way to be able to sort through the feedback, and segment your users based on whatever criteria you want so that you can spot trends.

The real secret to getting the most out of Officevibe is to find patterns and trends to become smarter about how you run your business.

We’re continuously working to make the collection and actioning of feedback possible, and today we took one step closer to making it even easier with our newest feature release.

For November, we’re proud to release three new, important features:

  1. Group Comparison Variation
  2. Feedback Filters
  3. All Metric Graphs In One View

Group Comparison Variation

Our group comparison feature, as you can imagine, is one of our most widely used and appreciated features.

It’s a great way to get a high level overview of what’s going on in your network across all of your teams and departments.

But seeing the score out of 10 will only get you so far.

The real value comes from looking at the variation over time and seeing if you’re improving from the previous month.

Your goal should always be to improve, not to hit some arbitrary number.

Starting today, you’ll be able to view the variation across all of your groups from any date you choose.

group comparison variation

If you wanted to see, in one single view, how all of your groups have trended from October 1st until today, you can now do that.

This will make spotting trends and patterns much easier for you, helping you understand where to focus your efforts.

Feedback Filters

Again, managing feedback in a team with more than 20 employees can become overwhelming.

One of the coolest features of Officevibe is the ability to reply back to feedback while maintaining employee anonymity.

This has led to more feedback coming in, because employees are more comfortable speaking.

But one of the biggest pieces of feedback we received was that there needed to be an easy way to filter through which feedback had been read or replied to to remove some of the noise.

Starting now, we’re making that possible with the ability to filter feedback by Read/Unread and Replied/Unreplied

view unread feedback

View All Metric Graphs

This is one of the most exciting parts of the update, as simple as it might seem.

In Officevibe, looking at scores is really only half of what you need to do.

Just like the Group Comparison Variation feature mentioned above, the thing you really want to focus on is the trend over time. Knowing you have a score of 7.3 on Personal Growth doesn’t mean much. Are you improving over time? That’s what matters.

The way it used to work in Officevibe, is that you’d have to click through each metric to see the trend graph. It gets pretty frustrating when you’re trying to look at the trends across all 10 of your metrics.

It’s a lot of clicks!

Starting now, you’re able to view the graphs of each metric in one simple view.

all metrics one view

This will make analyzing your data so much easier.

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