January 16, 2017

Officevibe Product Update: Here’s What’s New In January

new in january blog post

The new Insights release will be a game-changer for you. After completely rethinking the way that feature worked, validating and getting feedback from customers directly, we believe we have found the solution to make managing Officevibe effortless.

We’re closely getting to a point where you’ll be able to know exactly what to do to build an incredible workplace.

Remember, our mission at the end of the day is to create greater workplaces.

Based on all of my research, the most powerful way to do that is to empower managers with the tools and information they need to create meaningful change.

We’ve made it possible for managers to collect feedback, that was step number one.

Our surveys consistently get about an 85% participation rate, which is amazing compared to most industry averages.

Employees also consistently give high-quality written feedback, in part because of the way we ask contextual follow-up questions.

Now, step two is acting on that feedback.

This is where Insights comes in.

Insights in Officevibe

One of the key things we wanted to do with Insights was make it so that managers could get all of the key information they need in about 5 minutes.

We know that you’re busy, so we need a way to show you relevant information, that’s actionable, in a very short of amount of time.

Introducing Insights V2

When you first login to Officevibe, you’ll see some key numbers like new feedback received, inactive/pending employees, polls, and scores for some of your groups.

Below that, you’ll see insights into the most important stuff that you need to know, along with resources to help you understand them better.

That’s the key.

It’s one thing to tell you that something’s wrong, but it’s a whole other to give you the tools you need to fix it.

As we continue to build this feature, the insights will get smarter, the recommendations will get more contextual, and the knowledge you have will get bigger.

We’re working hard to help you create an organization that employees love.

There are four types of insights that you’ll see, let’s go through each of them quickly.

  1. Insights On Metrics

    These insights will show you everything you need to know about each of the 10 metrics we measure.

    The most important insight in this category is when we notice a drop in scores for one of the metrics.

    As a simple example, it’s possible that you see a notification like:

    “Keep an eye on Relationship with Colleagues. We notice that the relationship with colleagues metric in the IT group is one of your lower scores. Read this helpful tip to see how you can improve it” with a link to a resource to help you improve relationships at work.

  2. Insights On Questions

    These insights will show you important information concerning specific questions in the app.

    This will give you even more detailed information about what you should be focusing on.

    For example, you’ll see something like:

    “We asked employees ‘how likely are you to recommend your organization as a place to work’ and 5 employees answered negatively. Read this to see how you can improve” with a link to a helpful resource.

  3. Achievements

    These are simple achievements to congratulate you on reaching meaningful milestones in Officevibe. Things like number of feedback received or number of poll responses received.

    The Insights page is meant to serve as a dashboard for everything, and some participation metrics like this are nice to have.

    For example, you might see something like:

    “Great job on creating 10 polls so far. Polls are a great way to dive deeper into feedback or ask your own custom questions.”

  4. Important Warnings

    This is probably the section on the page that you’ll want to spend the most amount of time on.

    These are important warnings based on questions in the software that we deemed more important.

    For example, one of the questions in our surveys is “Do you see yourself working at your organization one year from now?” If someone answers that question with a “no” then we need to warn you about that.

Any Questions Or Feedback?

Let us know your questions, thoughts, and comments about this update!

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