Product update: new poll templates & monthly surveys

Written by: the Officevibe Content Team
Updated on: Published on: December 11, 2018 |  Reading time: 4m

As the snow gently coats our office building in Montreal, many of us at Officevibe are already beginning to feel the holiday cheer.

In that spirit, we’re thrilled to share a few gifts with you before the holidays really kick in. After all, the Product Team has been hard at work these past few weeks and it’s high time we shared these developments with you.

Let’s unwrap this month’s key additions to your Officevibe experience…

What’s new on Officevibe in December:

New option for Monthly Surveys

Weekly Pulse Surveys equip managers with continuous information about their team’s health and functioning. Rather than wait for annual company-wide reports, Pulse Surveys allow managers to quickly understand and act before seemingly trivial issues turn into problems.

Yet, replacing annual surveys by weekly ones is not exactly an idyllic transition for all organizations.

Let’s be honest: it can call for a considerable change in an organization’s mindset. It can also require that team members adopt new behaviours and work habits, week by week.


So, then, how can organizations ease into the Pulse Survey model without instilling fear of resistance among its people?

While we have many resources and a dedicated Customer Success team to help organizations transition smoothly, we felt that we could go further. This is why we came up with the option for monthly Pulse Surveys.

The option to choose between a weekly or monthly frequency equips organizations with the flexibility they need to navigate the change management process. As well, this option only requires that team members answer 20 questions in one sitting, once a month, which helps ease them into this organizational change.

What about managers? The option for monthly surveys grants them more time to understand their data and harness the power of Officevibe, before adapting themselves to a weekly frequency.


If this option piques your interest, speak with your administrator and they’ll be able to help you set this option for your team.

Fresh Poll Templates & a responsive Custom Poll Experience

A few months ago, we introduced the Officevibe Poll Gallery as an addition to the Custom Polls experience. Along with their flexible and customizable nature, Poll templates offer a structure that managers may adapt to fit their needs.

Not only are they user-friendly, Poll templates are based on topics that matter most in the modern workplace, from capturing the employee experience to understanding the impacts of an organizational change.

Ultimately, they are meant to offer insight into a team’s issues and opportunities, paving the way for rich exchanges between managers and their teams.

As a refresher, Officevibe’s first Poll templates we launched were based on understanding the employee experience, gaining insights into employees’ personal growth, and following-up on a recent change or event that may require attention.


Through our research, we identified two additional topics that are crucial for workplace success:

  • Diversity and Inclusion – the dynamic duo of diversity and inclusion are increasingly considered to be hallmarks of organizational success in the modern context. Through our carefully curated Poll, managers will now be able to understand the state of diversity in their teams, and to identify what they can do to increase inclusion.
  • Team Communication – regardless of an organization’s size, communication is often cited as an area that deserves continuous attention and care. In this light, we created a Poll template to specifically help managers target and address the main concerns for communication in their teams, as well as identify strengths so they can keep doing what works best.

That’s not it!

The Custom Polls experience is now entirely responsive. This means that you may now create Polls and view their results directly from your laptop, mobile device, tablet, you name it!

This kind of accessibility is key for managers to spot issues immediately and to act quickly, as well as create Polls on-the-go when inspiration strikes.

The Employee-Facing Experience is now available in… German!

We cannot repeat it enough; allowing employees to voice what matters most to them in the language in which they feel the most comfortable is essential. Period.

Following the launch of Portuguese not too long ago, we decided to wrap up 2018 with an additional language that our community has been asking us for – German!

While we’re not ready to spill the beans on what languages may come next, we invite you to try German – or any another language – if you’re already on Officevibe. And if you’re not on Officevibe, did you know that it’s free for everyone? 🙌


Have any comments about this post? Or maybe you feel strongly about the holidays and you’d like to spread good cheer? Send us your questions at . We can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂