Product update: all about that actionability and accuracy

Written by: the Officevibe Content Team
Updated on: Published on: July 20, 2018 |  Reading time: 6m

Since our last check-in, lattes have turned into cold brews; rain into bright sunshine; and buds into fragrant flowers.

Amid these changes, one thing remains constant – the Officevibe team has been hard at work creating experiences that elevate managers and their teams.

Curious as to what we’ve been up to? We’ve rounded up a selection of last month’s most exciting product enhancements just for you. Happy reading!

What’s new on Officevibe in July:

Improve’s Got A New Groove

Psst! Don’t feel like reading? We prepared a short video just for you:

At Officevibe, we’ve made it our mission to help managers become better leaders of better teams.

From gathering honest feedback to creating Custom Polls specific to your workplace, our Product team has been committed to building 360-degree experiences that support managers’ key interactions with their teams.

In fact, a 360-degree Officevibe experience goes beyond keeping a pulse on your team. It includes collecting information from your team, analyzing, planning, communicating, and taking action.

A holistic experience therefore involves navigating through what we call the Employee Engagement Loop. Take a peek:


Let’s zoom into the Act part of the loop for now.

Although it’s considered as the final stop in the loop before it begins again, Acting is probably one of the most important components.

It’s about being able to assimilate your learnings with your team as well as implementing new practices and initiatives. It’s also about learning what works, or doesn’t work, with your team. And of course, it allows you to grow as a manager and improve your leadership skills.

Taken together, the “Act” part of the loop allows you to engage your team in the solution. It also provides rich learning opportunities that empower you to move on and cycle through the loop once more.

Got it? Great!

Up until today, Officevibe’s in-app Improve section has catered to this part of the loop by offering managers curated content that targets the three lowest Metrics in their Engagement Report. While this tailored content offered some direction for improvement, it still needed a bit more oomph.

Following the refresh of Officevibe’s brand earlier this year (have you seen our brand-spanking new website?!), we’ve been all about empowering managers to become better leaders of better teams. In line with these changes, we decided to spice up our Improve section and deliver fresh content on a regular basis.

The result? A space in-app where managers of the workplace may find:

  • Ideas: Short and highly actionable ideas that managers can employ to engage their teams and improve team dynamics.
  • Content: Highly researched and informative reads for managers who seek to improve their skills and become better leaders.
  • Activities: Fun and engaging activities that are meant to strengthen bonds between team members.
  • …And of course, we retained the Recommended section based off your Engagement Report’s three lowest Metrics. This section is entirely composed of ideas, content and activities to help you improve your team’s weaker points.

Although each section works well on its own, it’s the combination of ideas, content and activities that provide the best ingredients for a successful leader. This is why we also decided to create links between each section and offer additional resources to inspire managers to think outside the box.

Importantly, every piece of curated content is a result of our ongoing research and interviews. This includes identifying what managers want and need in their work contexts, as well as considering current hot topics of the modern workplace.

Representative scores? Right this way!

Ah, statistical accuracy! Although not as alluring as a two-week stay in the Maldives, having full confidence in your results may be just as satisfying and relaxing.

After all, when your data is representative of the reality in your team, doesn’t it become easier for you to take action on areas that require improvement?

But I digress…

Over the past few weeks, our Product Team has adjusted score calculations for Metrics and Sub-metrics. Rooted in data research, these changes have been tested in-house with our data science team and are meant to provide more representative data that you can trust and rely upon when working on improving your team.

As Kim De Baene, Product Manager at Officevibe, states:

“Representative data is the key to understanding your team from every angle, and it serves as an important first step in terms of digging deeper into your team’s opportunities and weaknesses. Improved decision-making begins with data you can trust.”


As is the case with the employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), Officevibe will now consider the results obtained in the last 3 months (90 days) as opposed to the last 30 days, when calculating Metrics and the overall Engagement score.

As you can guess, a longer timeframe means that employees have the time to answer more questions and contribute more data in 3 months than they would otherwise within 30 days. This provides a more accurate and complete picture of your team’s pulse.

A longer timeframe also means fewer score fluctuations and more stable trends.

What you need to take away from this:

  • Any variation from this stable trend, even small, will need to be considered by management as a potential area of improvement.
  • Data will continue to be collected on a weekly (or bi-weekly) basis. This means that you will be able to view the evolution of your Officevibe results continuously, as per usual.

Importantly, in an effort to better protect employee anonymity and create a climate of trust within your team, we’ve also decided to make long-awaited improvements to the way we expose scores.

Specifically, from now on Officevibe will only expose scores for Metrics and Sub-metrics that have 3 or more answers in groups of 3 or more individuals.

Exposing Results for all Survey Questions

Last month we launched reliability rates in the Question Report. If you remember, it looked a little bit like this:


Reliability rates were created to empower managers with trustworthy data and offer a holistic portrait of the direction of a team’s scores. They also represented the first step towards offering managers with the most transparency possible in their Officevibe Reports.

With this month’s iteration, managers are now able to view the results for all Survey questions in Officevibe’s Question Report.

Exposing the results for all Survey questions provides rich insight into the health of one’s team. It also empowers managers with the information they need to better understand and dive into their Metric and Sub-metric scores.

In other words, the Question Report may serve as a basis for identifying:

  • What’s going well;
  • What’s not going well;
  • And any underlying patterns specific to one’s team.

Consequently, nitty gritty Survey results can be used to justify the launch of a new initiative – or simply as a springboard for digging deeper by means of a Custom Poll.

Remember! It’s what you do with data and feedback that matters.

Have any feedback or questions regarding what you just read? Write to us at . We can’t wait to hear from you πŸ™‚!