August 29, 2014

The Power Of Collaboration At Work

Power Of Collaboration At Work

You’ll soon start to see more collaboration between Officevibe and other companies we find amazing. I’ve worked for companies in the past where they were scared of collaboration, especially with industry partners, from fear of them stealing information.

This is a silly way to work.

Collaboration and team dynamics at work are an important part of success.

Here is an actual email that I sent to someone in the same industry as me, but I’ve erased their name, out of respect for them.

Hey ____,

Long time no speak! I hope you’re well.

I realize we’ve hardly spoken since we did our CultureTalk, and I felt kind of bad.

We’re both on a mission to improve the world of work, and we should continue to work together on that mission!

I just wanted to reach out to you, and see if there was something else we could do together, like guest blogs or a joint webinar.

Would you be interested in chatting in the next few weeks?

Let me know!


Hey everyone. Jacob Shriar here, Growth Manager from Officevibe. Today I want to talk a little bit about collaboration. Recently I’ve been starting to do a lot of different things collaboratively with other companies. I really feel like if we work together we can have a bigger impact on the industry as a whole. So, for example, joint webinars, joint infographics, cross blog posting, things like that. I used to work for some companies that were much more closed minded and they were very paranoid I’ll say, and very protective of what they did. They were very scared to collaborate with other people, and really let anything out in their fear of losing trade secrets or their competitors might steal things.

I not only work with competitors all the time, but I reference them in blog posts. I recommend their products to people that I talk to. I really believe, as corny as this might sound, that we’re all in this together, and we’re all working together to help make, as corny as this may sound, the world a better place for employees who are at work. And actually, I was reading a very, very interesting article on Harvard Business Review, of course I’ll post the link as soon as I put the video up, about how powerful…there was a study that was done about just using the word “together” can actually increase engagement and bring a team closer together and get them to collaborate even better, which is so crazy.

If you’re a manager, if you’re a leader, try to slip the word “together” into your sentences often. What the study did was, basically put two people into two groups, and one group kept hearing, “We’re in this together. We’re working on this task together.” The results were that they completed the task faster, better. They had a better sense of team and cohesiveness. The engagement was up, the mood after they were able to recall certain things about the task better than the other group. It’s a really interesting study that just shows the power of one word, of words in general, but that one word of “together” and collaborating.

I guess the main theme of this video is around collaboration, and how important it is for success. I really recommend everyone watching this, to not be so scared, and this whole concept of open source and transparency, don’t be scared of that. Embrace it. Honestly, it will come back to you in positive ways. Really like I said, feel free to work with anyone, whether you consider them a competitor or not, chances are, you know like they say, “Two heads are better than one.”

Here is the Harvard Business Review article I was talking about.

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