Officevibe product update: custom polls and follow-up questions

Written by: the Officevibe Content Team
Updated on: Published on: February 14, 2018 |  Reading time: 3m

What’s new in Officevibe in February: 

  • 💖 This Valentine’s Day we’re spreading the love with the launch of Custom Polls – a highly flexible tool that allows managers to better understand their teams and come up with specific solutions for improvement.  
  • 🙏 Follow-up questions were completely revised and are now highly contextual, offering rich feedback that is both insightful and easy to act on.    

Ah, February! ‘Tis the season to share the good vibes with those we love. And what better way than to recall the highlights of our past year together?  

From Smart Groups to increasingly efficient user management, as well as the complete revision of our science-backed questions and the ever-insightful Question Report, we made sure to keep 2017 as meaningful as possible for our community. 

But the good vibes don’t end here.  

After gathering your feedback and ideas, we’re now introducing two game-changers to your Officevibe experience – Custom Polls, and a complete revision of our follow-up questions. 

Custom polls

It takes the right tools for managers to take their teams to the next level, whether they’re pinpointing areas of improvement or celebrating victories.  

This is why we built Custom Polls. 

Previously, managers were limited to creating only one question per poll, which was then sent out with the weekly Survey. While this offered some degree of personalization, it had some limitations. And so, after collecting your feedback, we decided to go further.

At its most basic, the arrival of Custom Polls offers the flexibility, personalization and insight that managers require to improve their teams and to build upon existing strengths.  

More importantly, Custom Polls allow managers to determine the effectiveness of company initiatives by opening the floor to rich discussions with team members.

The result? A more holistic understanding of the situation and concrete solutions for improvement. 

Here’s what you can expect in the app:

Officevibe creating a Custom Poll
Officevibe creating and sending a Custom Poll
Officevibe Custom Poll Report

So, what does this all mean?  

Simply stated, the arrival of Custom Polls means that managers may now:  

  • Send as many questions as they wish 
  • Send their Custom Polls anytime, irrespective of the weekly survey 
  • Send reminders to the team (au revoir generic and manual links!) 
  • Filter poll results by groups within the targeted audience 
  • Draft polls and save them for later  
  • Duplicate polls – both new and old, for ease and convenience 

 …And that’s not it! We’ve also tweaked access levels so that Polls can now be restricted either to managers of certain groups or company managers. If you’re interested in learning more about these access levels, check out our full documentation. 

Follow-up questions

The richness of Officevibe’s data lies not only in numbers, but also in qualitative data 

In fact, qualitative data is primarily generated through follow-up questions, which allow for the collection of additional feedback following a Survey question.  

In the past, follow-up questions were linked to a specific metric (e.g., “Relationship with Manager”) and not to the specific question at hand. In other words, managers received feedback that wasn’t linked to specific issues or contexts. 

As of last month, all follow-up questions are now tied to specific Survey questions. As such, they’re highly contextual and pave the way to rich insights and deeper feedback. 

Curious? Take a look at the below Survey question and its corresponding follow-up question: 

Survey question: Do you and your peers collaborate well together?

Follow-up: What obstacles are preventing you from achieving good collaboration with your peers?

Do you have any comments to share about this product update? Questions? Give us a shout anytime at