Officevibe just got a makeover – and it’s making room for your teams

Written by: Jasmine Papillon-Smith | Illustrated by: Simon Lavallée-Fortier
Published on November 15, 2019 |  Reading time: 5m

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Organizations with lasting success aren’t built on a stroke of inspiration or powered by just a few star players: they’re made up of highly motivated, high-performing teams with a clear plan for bringing their vision to life. That’s why we’ve redesigned Officevibe to put your teams – and their people – at the heart of your experience.

Your new platform at a glance

A whole suite that integrates one-on-one software now helps you better understand your people. A brand new Learning section empowers your managers to become their best selves. And the revamped Engagement experience transforms multiple reports into a single, simple team overview with mobile availability. Now let’s dive in.

Performance Management

You asked, we answered. Your app now comes with a fully integrated suite of Performance Management features, available to you free of charge for a limited time in a live preview format. The tool is designed to help managers and their teams align goals and build stronger relationships. Over the next few months, it will grow to include even more value based on your needs and feedback.

Propel professional development

HR leaders around the world are moving away from yearly or bi-annual reviews for employees, and toward ongoing Performance Management.

Goal-setting has a stronger positive effect on performance when it is accompanied by feedback on progress

says Gallup.

To that end, Officevibe now helps managers at all levels by providing them with a comprehensive framework for recurring 1-on-1s. When you click on a member of your team, you’ll see a collaborative 1-on-1 agenda appear. You and your team member can then populate it with talking points ahead of your meeting.

Help your people reach their full potential

Taking an overarching company strategy and translating it down to single players is incredibly complicated. So, starting today, when you enter Officevibe, you’ll see a tab titled ‘Goals.’ This is where you can input the goals you’ve outlined for your team and sync your people up with your company objectives.

Officevibe's performance management dashboard

When it comes to the people on your team, the most important part isn’t the goal – it’s the buy-in.

In fact, only 22% of employees believe their managers have a clear direction. To give everyone a view of your big picture, Officevibe will prompt you with conversation starters based around your goals to get your team members involved on a personal level.

Discuss performance & tackle tough conversations

Stuck for something to say? No problem. Officevibe’s Performance Management tool suggests dozens of science-backed conversation topics, from mindsets to engagement. During your 1-on-1s, you can lean on the in-app agenda to get through the toughest parts of the conversation.

Employees want to evolve – in fact, 87% of millennials say development is vital to their happiness at work.

Studies show that employees see progress through continuous coaching. Following each 1-on-1, Officevibe will encourage you to input notes and action items, schedule your meetings with recurrence, and pin the subjects you want to revise next time to make sure you and your team member see progress.

three cards from Officevibe's learning section

Learning & Development

Professional development matters to all employees – even managers.

Yet only one in three managers strongly agree that they have had opportunities to learn and grow in the last year.

To help with that, we’re putting the latest in actionable management advice right into your hands. Our Learning resource hub is designed to help managers develop skills, self-awareness and self-confidence, adapt to different personalities within their teams, and be more sensitive when relating to others.

pink pie chart

After all, the manager or team leader alone accounts for 70% of the variance in team engagement.

Manage human and job-centred challenges

Get quick tips for boosting scores with just a few clicks: our new experience gives managers advice paired to their lowest Key Metrics of Employee Engagement, which they can access directly from their Engagement report. Resources are updated with new content weekly, so there’s always something to learn.

Evolve as a manager

The hardest skills to develop are soft ones. To help managers build out their managerial skillset, our new ‘Learning’ section offers up articles from the best sources in HR, selected to provide actionable, hands-on advice. Improving skills from within your organization is crucial for retaining your best people. In fact, according to Josh Bersin, founder of top enterprise learning and talent management firm, Bersin & Associates,

Josh Bersin

“The economy has created a bidding war for people with critical skills, increasing the cost and risk of hiring from the outside. So the economics have now totally shifted: it’s more cost-efficient and far more effective to build critical skills from within.”

Josh Bersin, founder Bersin & Associates

Your new Engagement experience

Data is more important than ever, but it can be hard to get a handle on it all, especially with multiple reports across teams. The latest version of Officevibe has changed a whole handful of functions so that you can more easily understand why your scores are the way they are – and what to do about them.

Better understand how your teams really feel

All your Officevibe reports are now aggregated into a single, team-specific report. This overview displays the team’s engagement and question scores, eNPS, feedback, and team-specific Custom Polls, with no toggling or filtering necessary – saving you time and helping you get a better perspective on how things are going.

See your scores in a second

While it’s important to note your engagement score, it’s even more vital to know whether it’s trending up or down – so we’ve placed it right beside its variance. The score also comes apart to reveal the sub-metrics and specific questions that build it up, listed in ascending order, so that you can instantly grasp the areas that need work.

We move where you do

Managers can now see reports, insights, feedback and Custom Poll reports on the device of their choice, whether they’re walking into a meeting or settling down for their morning commute.

This brand new version of Officevibe is just the beginning.

We’re thrilled – and honored – to be accompanying you on your Performance Management, Learning and Employee Engagement journeys. It’s your support – and valuable feedback – that enable us to provide you with a product that has an impact on thousands of teams and organizations worldwide, every single day. Big things are in the works for 2020 and beyond – and we can’t wait to share them with you.