December 22, 2016

That’s A Wrap! Officevibe 2016 Year In Review

year in review

Before we dig into the New Year…

Let’s take a look back at Officevibe’s accomplishments and some of our favourite moments from 2016.

This past year was a pleasant whirlwind of change, growth and progress, thanks to an epic team and a truly cohesive vision.

Despite the hustle, bustle and movement that comes with a young company, one thing has remained totally fixed – the why of Officevibe, which is simply to help create better workplaces.

A big thank you to our loyal customers who have joined us on this mission.

We couldn’t have done any of this without you ❤️


Officevibe Year In Review

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The State Of Employee Engagement

“The State”, as we call it here, launched in November and was the biggest project we’ve done to date. We collected data from thousands of companies across 150+ countries ?. A whopping one million survey answers later we give you The State of Employee Engagement, a very telling report on what is actually going on at workplaces around the globe.

This is an ongoing project, updated in real-time as we continue to collect and analyze the data, This means that we will be keeping you in the loop on what will hopefully be the rise of employee engagement around the globe. Stay tuned!

Get the full report here (it’s pretty shocking).

Employee Net Promoter Score Feature

This year, we added the Employee Net Promoter Score to the software. Instead of measuring customer loyalty, the eNPS allows companies to measure the loyalty of their employees. It consists of a simple question that offers some very complex insight:”On a scale of zero to ten, how likely is it you would recommend this company as a place to work?”Finding out that an employee wouldn’t recommend the company is a window onto many issues, and learning that the problem exists in the first place is half the battle. It allows companies to ask why and then start to make the necessary changes.

Integration With Slack

Answering Officevibe’s pulse surveys became easier than ever in 2016 with our Slack integration. For companies that use Slack as their communication tool, Leo, a friendly bot ?, pops up and prompts you to fill out the Officevibe survey, so you don’t have to leave the platform or remember to fill it out on your own! Keeping everything localized makes the process of collecting feedback even more efficient, and still just under a minute.

Feedback Course & Leadership Course

In 2016, we launched two free courses; one to help managers master the art of giving feedback, and the other to help leaders become the most effective leaders they can be. Both courses offer bite-size lessons with easy to digest content, so you get the main points without all the fluff, saving you tons of time. The Leadership Course consists of 11 simple lessons delivered directly to your email with resources and tips that you can use right away. The Feedback Course, consists of one simple email a day for two weeks with actionable suggestions on how to give, receive and react to employee feedback.

The Feedback Reply Feature

In 2016 we added an essential feature to our product that allows managers to respond to the anonymous employee feedback they receive. This was a really important addition to Officevibe because feedback should never go unnoticed, and letting your employees know that they’ve been heard is crucial to how they feel at work. Implementing this feature helps facilitate conversations between managers and employees that otherwise might not occur, and communication is key to success in the workplace.

Officevibe In French

As a proud Quebec-born company, we felt it was important to translate our software into French. Firstly, to honour where the product originated and continues to grow, and to become more accessible to our french-speaking neighbours. Fun fact: while our employee engagement software is developed in English in order to accommodate our global reach, the majority of the team at Officevibe in Montreal are Francophone!

Officevibe ROI Calculator

We launched the interactive Officevibe ROI (Return On Investment) Calculator so you can actually calculate the potential return on investing in employee engagement.

The calculator accounts for things like:

  • Productivity
  • Absenteeism
  • Turnover
  • Speed of Onboarding

And it lets you measure how impactful the initiative will be for your company.


In May, GSOFT added an in-house café to the list of company perks. As the company grows and our office space expands, it was important to the founders to keep the different teams close, so they created a hub where everyone can meet to grab a coffee and have a chat. Thee G-Cafe lets the small community feeling and culture of togetherness thrive. We support local roasters like Kittel Coffee and Dispatch, and they support our caffeine habits. Our barista, Seb, makes a mean…everything. ☕️

Three New Guides

In 2016 we created three complete guides to share with our users: the Employee Net Promoter Score Guide, the and the Leadership Guide. These guides, which we call “Hubpages” have all the information you need on a given topic in order to become an expert. They are free and constantly updated to keep you in the loop with the most important information you need to be a great leader.

Company-Wide Trip To The Bahamas

We ended the year with a splash, literally, with a cruise to the sunny Bahamas☀️ ? ?. Our parent company, GSOFT took 185 employees on a 4-day vacation to celebrate the company’s successes and solidify relationships between the different teams. Simply, it fits with one of the company’s overarching mottos being “Without fun, it sucks,” and one of Officevibe’s main tenets, employee recognition. With gestures like these from upper management, employees know that they are valued, which creates a really strong, incredible and inimitable collective energy, along with an eager drive to keep learning, and becoming the best we can be.

Thanks for an amazing year!?

Keep up the great work everyone, we’ll see you all in 2017