May product update: Smart Groups

Written by: the Officevibe Content Team
Published on May 31, 2017 |  Reading time: 2m

This is it! Smart Groups is finally being released in June!

This new feature is an amazing and improved way to manage users and groups.

Smart Groups allows you to create groups which are composed of users with one or more common attributes. For example, users can be grouped based on attributes such as gender, hire date, department, birthday, location, etc.

What are Smart Groups?

With Smart Groups:

  • Data can be segmented according to user attributes, even retroactively, thus taking historical data into account (engagement scores and feedback);
  • The groups evolve dynamically as their members are updated automatically based on user attribute values.

For example, your organization could create a Smart Group with the following rules:

  • “Gender is Female” to analyze the organization’s gender equality;
  • “Hire Date is between 0 and 3 months” to analyze the engagement of newly hired employees and their onboarding process;
  • “Number of Children is not equal to 0” to group all parents to evaluate the organization’s work-life balance.

You will be able to run Engagement and Poll reports as well as view feedback specific to these Smart Groups, thus providing your organization with segmented data to better understand specific groups. By analyzing the results and feedback, your organization will be able to precisely take action and assess areas of opportunity and improvement depending on certain attributes of your organization’s employees.

How do I leverage Smart Groups?

A Smart Group can be created in 3 easy steps:

  1. Create an attribute
  2. Assign a value for this Attribute to specific Officevibe users
  3. Create a Smart Group based on this attribute

First step: Attribute creation

An attribute needs to be created; it can be an attribute based on Numbers (e.g., Number of children, Salary or Number of certifications), on Dates (e.g., Hire Date or Birthday) or on Multiple Choices (e.g., Department, Gender).

Create Attributes

By default, Officevibe creates 4 attributes for you:

  • Gender (with pre-set values)
  • Hire date
  • Birthday
  • Department (with pre-set values)

Like all the other Attributes that will be created by your organization, these default Attributes can be edited or deleted.

Second step: Assigning values

Once the attributes are created, values must be set in the users’ profiles (ex. Female, Male and Other for the Gender Attribute). These values can be set manually in each user’s profile page or via the new Bulk Edit functionality that lets you update all users using a single file upload.

Assign Value

Third step: creating a Smart Group

Once an attribute has been created, and values have been assigned, a Smart Group based on that attribute can now be created.

Create Smart Group

Many conditions are also available for creating precise rules (e.g. between, before, is not, is equal to); the rules can also combine multiple attributes (e.g., “Gender is Female” AND “Number of Children Is not equal to 0”).

Once these three steps have been completed, the Smart Group is created and can now be used to view your data in brand new ways!

Some advanced options are also available when creating Smart Groups, such as being able to pull historical data into the new Smart Group or to convert a Manual Group to a Smart Group!

Want more info?

We want you to make the most of this new feature. As such, we’re preparing short videos explaining the detailed steps for leveraging Smart Groups that will soon be available to assist you and your organization.

In the meantime, you can read the documentation here.