April 7, 2017

March Product Update: User Management

March product update

We know how important it is to make sure every employee is in the right group within Officevibe since it makes consuming your reports much more powerful.

This is why there has been a lot of focus lately on user management.

With the upcoming Smart Groups functionality, you will be able to automatically manage the composition of your groups based on user attributes. This is an exciting feature that we can’t wait to put into your hands.

In the meantime, we have a smaller, but nonetheless very useful update which is a necessary first step towards this great feature. This update enables you to edit those attributes prior to the employee accepting their invite and completing their first survey.

Editing Pending Users

This is a request many of you have been asking for, and we think it will definitely ease up the on-boarding process for new users.

Prior to this update, after having sent an invite to a new user, but before it had accepted it, it was impossible to make any modifications to that user.

With this update, you can now edit a user before it has confirmed its account, meaning that you can:

  1. Put them in the right groups
  2. Promote them to manager, company manager or administrator
  3. Modify their attributes

Therefore, as soon as you have invited a user, you can navigate to the pending tab in the users administration page, find that user, and click on the edit button to make sure everything is in order.

Important side-effect: pending users will now appear in their respective groups, alongside active users. Everything else remains unchanged, meaning that participation, engagement scores, and anonymity rules will not be affected by pending users.

Also, this update paves the way for another update coming soon which will bring the ability to create users without sending an invite right away. We think this will make your job of on-boarding new users much easier as you will have time to prepare before the employee gets invited to the platform.

We Want Your Feedback

Customer Feedback in Officevibe

If you are using Officevibe, we want your feedback!

This is why you might have seen this window show up in your dashboard.

We have received more that 500 written comments in the past couple of weeks, and I can promise you that we have read every single one of them.

In order to keep track of feature requests, we’ve created a customer feedback page.

You can visit this page to comment and vote on the features that you would like to see in Officevibe, and we will update you when we take action on these requests.

Security & Performance

Here at Officevibe, we take security very seriously since we are collecting and making available to you managers information that is very sensible. This is why we’ve also been hard at work improving the performance and security of the app.

As a result of this, we’ve been working with a third-party to audit our internal practices, and make sure that we keep improving the way we keep your data safe.

We’ve also been adding more traceability to critical actions done by users, as well as our customer success staff.

We will have more to share in the near future as I assure you that we have much more in store in terms of security.

On a different subject, one of our major objectives is to make sure larger companies have the same pleasant experience as smaller ones when navigating the app, so expect some major performance improvements regularly during the next few months.

A Word On Smart Groups

Here is a sneak peak of the new users administration page:

User management in Officevibe

As you can see this page is chock-full of new features which we have already started testing internally.

  1. First, you can see that the look has been completely revamped and features a cleaner, simpler approach
  2. Secondly, the Bulk Edit feature will allow you to modify users in bulk using a spreadsheet
  3. Thirdly, you can see that the list hints at the new attributes which you will be able to create and set values
  4. Lastly, and not shown on this screen, we are currently working on adding pages to support larger companies and increase performance as well

Stay tuned as our next product update will be dedicated entirely to Smart Groups!

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