New in October: insights and new branding

Written by: the Officevibe Content Team
Updated on: Published on: October 5, 2016 |  Reading time: 2m

Being a manager is tough. I get it.

You have to manage your team, their work, their problems, all while trying to get your own work done.

You know that collecting feedback from your team is a good thing to do, but how are you supposed to keep up with it all?

You have to go through the feedback one-by-one. You have to remember to check if people are answering the poll you created. You have to go through each metric and each sub-metric one-by-one to find out exactly where your issues are.

Doesn’t that process seem broken?

Wouldn’t your life be so much easier if:

  • Information came directly to you without you even having to lift a finger
  • You understood exactly where the root of your engagement problem was within your team
  • The top highlights in Officevibe updated automatically with each passing day

Imagine how much more productive you would be if you could cut your administration of Officevibe in half? What if you took it down to 5 minutes a week?

Wouldn’t that be nice?

That’s where Insights comes in.

Introducing Insights

We needed a way to make sure that managers are able to see what’s going on across their network without getting too overwhelmed.

Insights helps you see very quickly what the top highlights of Officevibe are.

Think of them as “breaking news” inside Officevibe.

For example, if we see that the relationship with colleagues metric has been trending down in your group over the last few weeks, you’ll see an alert that pops up in your Insights section.

The beauty is, this section automatically updates for you as new, more relevant alerts come in. The algorithm is smart enough to know the most important thing that you should be seeing.

This is only the beginning. This feature will evolve over time to give you even deeper insights and offer specific recommendations to help you improve engagement on your team.

Think of it as artificial intelligence for employee engagement. We’re going to take this feature to a point where your job of managing your team will be almost 100% automated.

New Branding

In addition to insights, you’ll notice a redesign of our software to make things a bit more consistent with the overall look of our brand.

As we grew, our designs across all of our initiatives have changed. Everything from our banner ads, our website, our social media, have gone through many iterations and many tests over the years.

We (mostly our talented designers) felt that the experience wasn’t cohesive when you saw one set of colors/styles in one area (say, our homepage), and another set in our software.

You’ll notice a cleaner, nicer looking branding to Officevibe.

Any Questions Or Feedback?

Let us know your questions, thoughts, and comments about these new updates!