September 10, 2014

Tips To Improve Your Employee Relations

Employee Relations

Employee relations is a very delicate issue. Every employee is different, so there’s no real standard way of improving relations, but all employees are human, and humans deserve to be treated with respect .

There are still so many employees that aren’t engaged, and aren’t having a good time at work.

This is awful from the company’s point of view, because they’re essentially wasting money, or at least not getting the best bang for their buck.

Remember that employee engagement, and your company’s culture can never be improved by luck.

It takes hard work, and a really dedicated team.

There are definitely ways to improve it, and I’ll share a few with you here, but it mainly comes down to treating people with respect, being nice to them, including them in discussions and social interactions, etc… all very common sense initiatives.

1. Improve Your Onboarding Process

When a new employee joins a company, they decide within the first few weeks if they plan to stay or not.

This is the most crucial time to make sure that employee relations are good, and that they are well-integrated into the team.

In the onboarding process, you should ideally be letting new employees express themselves, and find their true passions instead of giving them a manual to memorize.

It’s the responsibility of every new employee to for the next person, based on what they went through. I think that’s genius.

2. Train Your Managers

This is probably the most important tip I’ll share.

Managers need to be more empathetic with their employees, and treat them properly.

Managers need to know all of the tips and tricks to employee relations, and stay up to date with best practices.

Encourage managers to constantly learn, and to even take classes about leadership online.

The better equipped they are, the better they’ll be at building relationships with employees.

Managers need to understand what really motivates employees, and how they can best tap into those strengths.

A lot of times, great employees get put into managerial positions, which require a whole different skill-set that they might not naturally have, so it’s important to encourage continuous learning.

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3. Praise Your Employees

Literally all you have to do is say two words – “thank you”.

It’s free, and doesn’t take more than 5 seconds. If you have an extra 5 seconds to spare, you might want to explain what you’re thanking them for, but I suppose one step at a time ;)

Recognizing your employees is so important, and really does a lot to improve employee engagement.

Ideally, you want to praise employees at least once a week.

If they haven’t actually done anything amazing that week, just remind them how much you value them, and what an amazing addition they are to the organization.

The reason this is so important is because of the dopamine that’s released when an employee hears praise.

It’s almost a sneaky trick that employers can use to get more out of their employees, because when an employee gets that dopamine, they want it again, so they tend to repeat the action that got it for them in the first place.

4. Show Some Respect

Don’t forget about the simple things, like being flexible with schedules, or letting employees take time off.

Employee burnout is one of the worst things for your company, both from a financial, and morale point of view.

Not only should you have a relaxed policy towards a lot of those things, but you should be actively reminding everyone that it’s important to have a good work-life balance.

How Do You Improve Employee Relations?

Any cool tips or tricks to share? Let me know your thoughts on twitter @JacobShriar or @Officevibe.

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