April 29, 2014

3 Benefits Of Being Happy at Work

Benefits Of Being Happy At Work

We spend one third of our day working, sometimes more, depending on how dedicated we are or how dedicated our bosses want us to be. With that being said, it is imperative that we actually enjoy doing what we’re doing.

Now, I’m not telling you to go ahead and quit your job if you find yourself frustrated and unhappy, but I am asking you to consider my story.

I worked diligently during my four years at a state university to obtain my bachelors degree.

Within these four years, I drove back to my hometown every other weekend to continue with an average job that I was not satisfied with.

I spent 6 years with the company, doing the same daily routines, while growing immensely in college.

I was excited to share and put to use everything that I was learning. However, the company that I was working for could care less, even after 6 years of me being extremely loyal to them. I was under appreciated and treated like a robot.

Nevertheless, I stayed with the corporation, even after I graduated with honors and a useful degree. Being young, I wasn’t sure what else to do.

I was unhappy at work. This unhappiness spread like wildfire.Work was the only activity in my life that was making me unhappy; however, I became that way with everything that I carried out.

Why did the unhappiness spread? The majority of my time was spent doing something that brought me down!

I needed a change. So, I decided to pack up and move! I made tons of friends in this new location but I couldn’t find work, which meant that I had to leave.

After some searching, I was offered a decent paying job that actually related to my major in my hometown.

I landed a finance internship at a firm that provided retirement planning for the education community.

This job was definitely better than my last. I was able to do work that mattered and I was helping people afford a decent retirement.

However, after a few months, I realized that a 9-5 desk job was not what I was after.

I began searching again for work that I thought would better suit me; I didn’t want a 9-5 office job nor did I want a repetitive, average job.

This led me to look for work that I was interested in and that I could do from any location. Fortunately, I was able to find just wanted I wanted.

Now, I am writing to you from my favorite Starbucks, drinking a chai tea latte in my favorite city, with a grin on my face.

If you’re still not convinced, think about these 3 benefits from being happy at work:

1. Being Happy at Work Leads to an Enhanced Performance

It is proven that if you enjoy your job, you will actually do it better.

Becoming better at your current position can lead to many different positive situations such as a raise, a promotion, and increased efficiency.

Most importantly, knowing that you are performing well at work can increase your confidence.

So managers, if you’re out there and looking for an easy way to boost employee performance without having to spend too much time and effort.

Just make sure you’re keeping them happy and you’ll see all the results.

2. A Happy Person is a Healthy Person

This may sound funny, but there are thousands of stories out there about people being healed from certain diseases, simply from being happy.

When a person is happy, their body releases endorphins, which assist the body in healing on its own.

This not only increases your state of mind, but it will allow you to have better physiological functions and it will make your work a full-fledged body and mind cleanser.

So make sure that you’re not only altering the mood within the office by spreading happiness and joy, but you do your best to make those around you happy as well. Remember, always think of the team first.

3. Time Will Go by Faster

I have found that time goes by faster when I am having a good time. Remember that great feeling of being able to leave the office to be with your friends and family?

Well, it seems like that time comes faster after a happy day at work!

The moral of the story is that finding work that you love and are passionate about, in a place that you love, is difficult.

However, it is extremely important. Being happy at work means that you will be happy in general and that is really what life is about, right? So, do what you love!

Do You Agree With The Benefits Of Being Happy At Work?

What are you doing to be happier at work? Let me know your thoughts on twitter @Officevibe.

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