Product update: ready to launch

Written by: Janice LaGiorgia
Updated on: Published on: August 28, 2017 |  Reading time: 3m

What’s new on Officevibe:

  • We’re adding a new integration with BambooHR to help you better manage your account
  • Practical distinction for the Admin and Company Manager user roles
  • Both the User List and Group Comparison Report get well-deserved makeovers
  • Gains in performance that will knock your socks off
  • …and we’re sharing the Officevibe magic with you in The Science Behind Officevibe!

As the final days of summer usher in the annual back-to-school fever, we too at Officevibe are ready for the start of something fresh.

Over the next few weeks, we’re launching thrilling new features in Officevibe that will make your experience even more pleasant and as always – delightfully simple.

Make yourself comfortable and have a look below at the first few items we’re rolling out for the next few months!

BambooHR integration

We’ll soon be launching an integration with BambooHR. Similar to our current integrations, you’ll be able to have employees invited automatically to Officevibe. What’s new with this integration is that user attributes (hire date, gender or even department) are added to the employee profile. This allows you to create Smart Groups a lot quicker!

If you’re interested in being in the early adopters and start using this new integration, let us know! We’ll be happy to set this up for your account for you to take a look at it.

Changes to the Admin User Role

To increase in-app security and to limit the amount of users with access to data, we created a new Admin role specific to users such as IT admins, HR assistants or interns.

The newly improved Admin role now functions separately from the Company Manager role. Specifically, it grants access to basic account management (e.g., adding integrations, removing or adding users, etc.), without the requirement of handling employee feedback.

In other words, it will allow for Company Managers to dedicate their full attention to reviewing reports and replying to employee feedback – while Admin users focus on day-to-day account management.

New look for the user list and Group Comparison Report

If you recently logged into Officevibe, you may have noticed a few changes to the User List and the Group Comparison Report. Our goal was to create a more effective way to view and manage users in your account – and of course, to make it easier for managers to look through reports.

With the release of Smart Groups back in June, these subtle – yet impactful – changes to the User List were inevitable in order to create the most seamless user management experience in Officevibe.

After all, a slick and intuitive experience goes hand in hand with increasingly more Smart Groups to manage and compare.

Take a peek right here:

User List

Along with these changes, we gave the Group Comparison Report a quick makeover. As always, Smart Groups and manual groups are listed with each of their data by Metric – as seen in the image below.

To increase the user-friendliness of this Report, we improved its performance tenfold and we made the top pane visible as you scroll down.

Group Comparison

Peak performance

Regardless of the size of your organization, a successful Officevibe experience begins with the effective management of your users.

As we began to place increasing emphasis on user management earlier this year, it became apparent that peak performance was required in order to increase the accessibility of Officevibe for small and large organizations alike.

After much effort and countless cortados, we’re thrilled to announce significant gains in performance for organizations of all sizes. Whether your team includes 20 users or 30,000, you’ll begin to notice much quicker load times throughout the app. And guess what? This is only the beginning!

The science behind Officevibe

Science Behind Officevibe

Whether you’re curious about how our algorithm works, what the logic behind our Metrics is or what our Engagement scores are based on – you can now read all about it!

Our complete documentation about the science behind Officevibe explains our model in the simplest of terms, so that you may have increased visibility and transparency with regards to how our machinery works. We’re talking Metrics, questions, scores and much more.

How did you like this month’s update? We’ve got a lot more in store so keep your eyes peeled for our next update!

As always, if you have any questions send us a note at