January 23, 2014

Here’s What Your Dream Office Looks Like

Your Dream Office

What does your dream office look like? Does it have all sorts of  zany decor? A slide instead to avoid walking down the stairs? How about a gym that you can access throughout the day when work stress gets too high?

There are a lot of unconventional work spaces out there. Below I’ll share a list of 10 offices that are so beautiful, most people would live in them, let alone work there. I’m sure that these are what your dream office would look like, so sit back and enjoy.

Your Dream Office 1: Mozilla

Mozilla is the creator of the popular web browser Firefox. They are a non-profit organization, and are passionate about the open web, and open source projects. Their code is fully open source, and they support privacy and security like no other web company.

Here is a view of their cafeteria:

Mozilla Office: The cafeteria

Their office is right on the water in San Francisco, and this is their view from their rooftop terrace.

Mozilla Office: Your Dream Office on the beach

Your Dream Office 2: Netflix

Besides being one of my favorite websites (I spend at least 2 hours a day on Netflix), and one of my favorite companies (for their forward thinking and risk taking), they have one of the coolest offices I’ve ever seen in my life.

Netflix Office: It's a dream mansion

It’s not even fair to call it an office, it looks more like a mansion from the outside.

Here’s what the inside looks like – very cool wall decor featuring one of the greatest TV shows, House of Cards. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it now!

Netflix Dream Office: House of cards is always a must

Oh, and there’s a courtyard outside for employees to relax in… I’ll admit, I’m pretty jealous.

Netflix Office: Courtyard

Your Dream Office 3. Rap Genius

Rap Genius is a community powered website where users can come and describe the meanings behind song lyrics.

They’ve gained a lot attention in the last few years for their founders being outspoken, and for raising a huge round of financing from Andreessen Horowitz. But their office space is crazy cool.

It’s a penthouse space, so it really makes you feel “at home”.

RapGenius Office: Interior

And they also have a great rooftop terrace with a gorgeous view.

RapGenius Office: Kick-ass terrace

Your Dream Office 4: Nike

Obviously I expect Nike to have an insane office space.

They are one of the biggest companies in the world, and are one of the most recognizable names in sports. Speaking of sports, their headquarters in Oregon has 2 soccer fields, a tennis court, a running field, and a putting green. I guess it makes sense, since the employees need to test out their equipment.

Their headquarters is like a university campus, and is really nice.

Nike Office: Simply awesome
Obviously they have an indoor basketball court…

Nike Office: Here's the indoor basketball court

Your Dream Office 5: YouTube

YouTube needs no introduction, everyone knows who they are. They are technically the 2nd biggest search engine on the internet, and their employees get to work in one of the coolest offices ever built. YouTube’s office is located in beautiful, sunny California.

Youtube Office: Main Entrance

They offer their employees a full length, indoor pool… seriously?! This is in addition to the regular Google benefits like free lunches prepared by a chef, workout areas, and lounging areas.

Youtube Office: Great indoor pool!

Your Dream Office 6: Facebook

The war is on for talent between Facebook and Google, and since Google is well-known for having the craziest offices ever, it makes some sense that Facebook would try and one-up them. Facebook’s office is very similar in certain ways to the Googleplex, and it’s gorgeous.

Facebook office: Quite the office ... or neighborhood

Facebook has 9 restaurants inside….9.

Facebook Office: Restaurant

They also have every amenity you could possibly think of for their employees. Free laundry and dry cleaning, barber shop, bike shop, etc.

Here’s what the employee area looks like

Facebook: Dream office space

Your Dream Office 7: Wix

Not all of the beautiful offices are in California. Wix’s head office is in Israel, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

For those of you that don’t know, Wix lets anyone with no technical background create a website using their simple drag and drop editor. They recently went public, and have 300 employees.

Their office overlooks the mediterranean sea, so there are windows everywhere for everyone to enjoy the view.

Maybe wix is your dream office?

They also have a rooftop terrace for employees to relax, and like I mentioned, it overlooks the mediterranean sea.

wix has a killer office

With that type of work environment, who wouldn’t gladly participate to their team building activities in and out of the office?!

Your Dream Office 8: BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is one of the most popular news sites in the world. Their content is incredible, and goes viral pretty quickly.

Most people know BuzzFeed for their lists, like this one, and their use of funny gif’s in their posts.

There are a lot of bright colors, and open spaces, so you get this feeling of creativity and innovation, which again, reflects their culture pretty well.

BuzzFeed Office: Interior design
This is where the employees actually work. Again, lots of open space and bright colors for maximum creativity.

BuzzFeed: Lounge

Your Dream Office 9: Google Ventures

As if Google wasn’t doing enough already, it also has a VC firm.

Google Ventures is a venture capital firm within Google. It’s a startup within Google, and has made some pretty good investments so far, like Nest, Uber, Optimizely, Hubspot, and lots more.

As far as VC firms go, they’re one of the cooler ones, offering much more than just money.

Their office is pretty cool, and is of course located somewhere inside the Googleplex.

It definitely has that Google feel to it, with the colors, and Google logos everywhere.

Google Venture: Stand up desk

Your Dream Office 10: Makerbot

If you haven’t heard of Makerbot before, that’s okay. I bet you have heard of 3D printing though. Makerbot is bringing the 3D printer into the mainstream, by making a relatively affordable printer for anyone to buy.

Makerbot Office: A bit of a different look, but still awesome

Makerbot has a super cool office located in Brooklyn, NY.

It’s definitely got this very “manufacturing” feel to it, but in a cool, Brooklyn kind of way.These are only some of the cool offices out there. Companies like Foursquare, Zappos, and tons of other cool companies are known for their incredible offices as well.

What Does Your Dream Office Look Like?

Any of you think don’t belong on the list? Let me know your thoughts on twitter @Officevibe.

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