Unlock performance
with team engagement

Future-proof your workplace by empowering managers and engaging teams. Officevibe is a simple platform that helps managers to enhance performance, leaders to understand their people, and organizations to thrive.

The future of work is human.
Let’s get there together.

Venn diagram picturing HR leaders, Managers and Teams overlapping and discussing.

Designed with every team member in mind

For HR leaders

Give your employees a voice they can use with weekly, anonymous Pulse Surveys, a quick, simple way to provide managers with actionable data that allows them to understand where their team is thriving, and what needs work.

For Managers

Tap into simple, visual data that helps you manage your team, drive performance, and understand how your people really feel. Plus, get the expert advice you need to grow based on your biggest challenges.

For Teams

We’re here to make giving feedback and growing as a team enjoyable. Make your voice heard, improve your relationship with your manager, and get involved in the decisions that matter.

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Officevibe’s 3 pillars


Access the most accurate, actionable employee engagement data for your organization – all validated and approved by Deloitte.

  • Gain insights from 120 survey questions, more than any other platform
  • Measure engagement consistently with 10 Key Metrics and 26 Sub-Metrics
  • Benchmark your organization with fixed questions and structured data


For teams and for managers, simplicity drives success – that’s why Officevibe provides you with everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

  • Access clear, visual data, dashboards and reports that won’t leave you overwhelmed
  • Integrate with email, Slack, or text message to meet your team where they are
  • Align your workflow with an illustrated, inviting, intuitive interface


Protect your employees’ identities with anonymity and your entire organization’s data by respecting your GDPR obligations.

  • Use anonymity to build a safe space and create psychological safety for your teams
  • Maintain employee anonymity through aggregated survey results
  • Get the support you need in ensuring Officevibe meets GDPR requirements

Make your workplace
more human

Measure engagement, develop performance and evolve as a manager
with Officevibe.