Understand your team

It’s a manager’s job to engage their teams and drive performance. Our employee engagement software helps them understand how. We turn Pulse Surveys into a simple blueprint managers can follow to understand their teams and define where to take action.

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Officevibe helping you to measure your employee engagement


Create a space for honest conversations

Honest employee feedback is a manager’s greatest asset. Our safe space helps managers discover team members’ thoughts and feelings, empowering them to start real discussions that wouldn’t otherwise take place.

One open, text-based answer per survey provides managers with direct insights from employees that wouldn’t be drawn from survey results alone.

Employees can choose to submit feedback anonymously or not – providing managers with authentic responses that carry more weight.

Managers responding to feedback can start a conversation with individual team members, allowing them to dig deeper and find meaningful solutions together.

Anonymous discussion happening in Officevibe's Feedback tool

Make your workplace
more human

Measure engagement, develop performance and evolve as a manager
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